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Blue pills 48 12 v

A small Round Blue pill with 48 12 V imprinted on it has been identified as Oxycodone hydrochloride 30 mg which is a prescription medication used to treat chronic
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Depending on the shape and from I know of It could be either Valtrex, or Viagra, or Levo-thyroxine which also comes in blue but no numbers on it.
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I have a small blue pill with a v on one side and the numbers 48 12 on the other anyone know what it is? THIS IS A 30 MILIGRAM OXYCODONE, GENERIC FOR ROXYCODONE.
While men are often more likely to encounter threats to their survival that result in injury and death, women typically report greater fear towards such events. It is theorized that sexual selection created more risk taking tendencies in men, decreasing the extent of their fears, whereas women have favored more cautious strategies. Such caution would not only allow them to provide direct protection for their young, but would furthermore ensure women s survive, thus prolonging their ability to care for their young. As such, risk taking would be of a greater reproductive cost to women than men. The necessity to avoid risks and reasoning behind it could explain why over three times as many women as men list snakes as their object of most extreme fear or phobia Fredrikson, Annas, Fischer, Wik, 1996; Agras, Sylvester, Oliveau, 1969. Viagra 25mg is the smallest pill in the 31 Jul 2006.
Please help Id this pill. it is small and blue, A V on one sie and on the other 48 12. The Can u smoke 4812 v blue pill Blue V 4812′s are less potent.
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Little Blue Pill V On One Side 48 12 On The Other?- Find Questions and Answers at Askives, the first startup that gives you an straight answer
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Morpheus shows Neo two pills: a blue and a red one. If Neo chooses the blue pill, he will wake up in his bed anf forget about everything that happened.

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Saquenla ara android.. ?


no? it happened with him self


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9262008 · I have these blue pills with a V on one side and 48 12 on the other side what are they? 5 years ago; Report Abuse


Please help Id this pill. it is small and blue, A V on one sie and on the other 48 12. The Can u smoke 4812 v blue pill Blue V 4812′s are less potent.

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