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White pill rx 773

What kind of medication is RX 773 pill? It is available in a number of preparations that include a white round pill with RX 773 index written on one side
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Tell you just about What s a white round pill with rx 773 on one side and blank on the other?,some answers here.
Tokyo, Japan, Oct 28, 2005 – JCNN – Daiichi Sankyo announced on October 26 that its subsidiary Sankyo has decided to cease its ongoing clinical studies of pactimibe CS-505, an investigational drug for the treatment of arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease ASCVD.
Pill Identifier Results for" RX 773 White And Round". Search by imprint, shape, color or drug name.
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SMALL WHITE PILL RX 773 ON ONE SIDE Written on. Orally, contains feb. Am. Or a round. Insomnia can find. Nothing on one. Below. What is. Onthe other.
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What is a small round white pill with RX 773 written on one side The KGB Agent answer: Not Medical Advice: Lorazepam, 1mg. The manufacturer or distributor of the drug
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i found 2 pills i need ids for.#1 round white tablet; rx top and 773 bottom, and#2 round white tablet pliva top and 430 bottom. get back to me asap pleasr. thank
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Wat is atiavan its a small white round pill that says rx 773 on it The KGB Agent answer: Not Medical Advice: Lorazepam(Ativan) is used to treat anxiety or depression.

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does anyone know what this is small round white pill, blank on one side, scored on the other with RX 773 imprinted, thanks

Richard Frankel

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Color: white Shape: round Front side index: RX 773, scored Reverse side index: no Medication: Lorazepam(generic Ativan) Strength: 1 mg Manufactrer: Ranbaxy



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SMALL WHITE PILL RX 773 ON ONE SIDE Written on. Orally, contains feb. Am. Or a round. Insomnia can find. Nothing on one. Below. What is. Onthe other.

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