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White oblong tablet l484

Imprint Code L484 Description white, oblong tablet Info at acetaminophen.html. Votes: 0. Vote up Report. Search for questions. Still looking for
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white oblong pill- L484 Posted: 24 Oct 2004 by rcccccc. Details: does anyone know what this pill is? it was found on the floor of our workplace, with children playing
chest x-ray – a diagnostic test which uses invisible electromagnetic energy beams to produce images of internal tissues, bones, and organs onto film.
Found a white pill with L484 written on it. Do you know what this is? White oblong tablet imprinted L 484 is 500 mg acetaminophen(generic extra-strength Tylenol).
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382013 · What is a white oblong tablet w L484 on it? ChaCha Answer: L 484 is 500 mg acetaminophen, generic extra-strength Tylenol. Have a grea
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White Oblong L484. Advertisement. What is a White oblong pill with IP204 imprint? Zeki Tablet, Deat Pixel; Quick Skits Measuring;
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I found a oblong white pill with L484 on it. What is this pill? White tablet l484. Pill l484. About Us About Answerbag Sitemap Professionally Researched Questions

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Description: mg caplet this medicine is a white oblong tablet imprinted with l484; Width: 288px; Height: 216px; Size: 22k; File Type: jpeg; URL: www.webmd.com


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A white oblong pill with L484 on it Acetaminophen 500 MG. White Tablet L484. RX L484. L484 Medication Identify Pills. Pill Identification Codes Pill Identifier



Found a white pill with L484 written on it. Do you know what this is? White oblong tablet imprinted L 484 is 500 mg acetaminophen(generic extra-strength Tylenol).

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